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Sponsoring Casey – Support Casey (click on the link)

As any fan of professional golf knows, the road to the LPGA Tour is not an easy one.

Entry Fees for each Tournament are $500.00. The cost of travel and being on the road are surprisingly high. Casey has been fortunate and very grateful to have had support from Coastal Securities and other professional donors up to the end of 2016.

Most recently, she has gained a shoe ambassadorship from a leading Golf Shoe Company, Biion Footwear, and a clothing ambassadorship from Angle New York. In addition, TaylorMade has been generous enough to provide for her clubs, and ClicGear for her push-cart as well as some very generous private donors have furthered Casey’s Career in 2016.

However, sponsorship is not just for businesses and equipment suppliers. As an individual, or family or golf group, your support can make a real difference to Casey and her career.

A sponsorship of $500.00 for each of Symetra Tournament will permit Casey to chase the top-10 Money list status and elevate her game to the next level in 2018, the LPGA.

We invite individuals families and golf groups to join Casey’s Team as a Tournament Sponsor for Casey for individual Symetra Tournaments in your area. Please click on any of the individual links below to donate!


“I believe that success will only come with perseverance, dedication and hard work on my part. Your sponsorship gives me the opportunity to do that. I am grateful for your support. I look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you!” – Casey Kennedy