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As with the development of  every young player, Casey continues to explore understanding her approach to golf as well as learning about herself in the process. In 2016, Casey had a T-5 finish on her return to Alma Matter’s state; and competed in the first ever Gosling Dark N’ Stormy Tournament event in Atlanta, GA to take a T-5 finish. In 2017, Casey is focused on continued personal growth as well as development in her golf game. Make sure to follow her journey as she chases the highly coveted LPGA card – the highest achievement for any pro-golfer that aspires to make it to the big stage.

Passion for Golf and the spirit of the game has been part of Casey’s character since the age of 8 when she first competed in a golf tournament. Throughout her formative years, Casey would be taught by her father to play the game of golf, teaching her techniques and proper swing form. Golf for Casey was truly a family affair, Casey would continue to compete in Florida and travel the country while touring on the AJGA, during this time, she would be chaperoned and assisted by her mother during each and every event she would participate in. As the family watched Casey grow, there was a strong sense of passion towards her goals of becoming a professional golfer.

The world of Florida Junior Golf was and still remains highly competitive. Casey practiced hard, and did everything in her power to excel and exceed her peers in the competitions that she participated in. Two AJGA tournament victories, Southwest Florida PGA and Northwest Florida PGA Amateur Player of the Year, Florida High School Player of the Year, over 20 awards within her sport. All of this while just a teenager.

Casey was highly recruited coming out of High School, she eventually chose to dedicate her college years to Augusta State University, now known as Augusta University (AU), in Augusta, Georgia. During her collegiate years, with the leadership of her Coach and now friend, Kory Thompson (currently the Head Coach for Ole Miss Women’s Golf), she became a leader and led the Lady Jaguars-Division I Women’s Golf Team through their improvement in national rankings, leading the team from 73rd in the country to 21st by the end of Fall 2014.

Teamwork has been paramount to Casey, but on an individual level, Casey also thrived. Three First Place Overall Victories, Five top Three Finishes, Sixteen Top Fifteen Finishes, NCAA Division I Postseason Regionals Participation all Four Years of Competition, shot in the 60s Eight Times during her tenure at ASU, and carded Par or Better Thirty-One times.

After graduating from AU with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Casey decided to pursue her dreams and push on to a more demanding and rigorous level of play in 2015. Through her dedication and sacrifice, Casey is now a Full Status player traveling the country as a touring professional on the LPGA Symetra Tour.

Casey has been fortunate to have began a working relationship in the early part of her career with WomensGolf.com that allows her to chronicle her experiences on tour. You can follow Casey’s progress on her dedicated WomensGolf.Com Page.

“Anyone who has come to meet Casey, is struck by her focus, dedication, mental toughness, her work ethic and her obvious talent for the game of golf. More importantly you will not find a better role model for women and girls of all ages and in all walks of life. She exemplifies the values of self-belief and perseverance; the need to follow your dreams and goals not just when things are going your way, but when you are facing adversity.” –Quote from one of her hosts at the 2016 Guardian Retirement Championship, Ft. Myers, Florida.


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Sponsoring Casey

As any fan of professional golf knows, the road to the LPGA Tour is not an easy one.

Entry Fees for each Tournament are $500.00. The cost of travel and being on the road are surprisingly high. Casey has been fortunate and very grateful to have had support from Coastal Securities and other professional donors up to the end of 2015, most recently, an equipment sponsorship from a leading Golf Shoe Company, Biion Footwear, TaylorMade for her clubs, and ClicGear for her push-cart as well as some very generous private donors have furthered Casey’s Career in 2016.

However, sponsorships are not just for businesses and equipment suppliers. As an individual, or family or golf group, your support can make a real difference to Casey and her career.

A sponsorship of $500.00 for each of Symetra Tournament will permit Casey to chase the top-10 Money list status and elevate her game to the next level in 2018, the LPGA.

We invite individuals families and golf groups to join Casey’s Team as a Tournament Sponsor for Casey for individual Symetra Tournaments in your area. Please click on any of the individual links below to donate!


“I believe that success will only come with perseverance, dedication and hard work on my part. Your sponsorship gives me the opportunity to do that. I am grateful for your support. I look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you!” – Casey Kennedy

Support Casey– Click the Link